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FindMeOn Founder & CEO Jonathan Vanasco has authored an extensive document detailing the company’s Intellectual Property claims, and newly competing technologies that significantly and substantially overlap with claims in FindMeOn’s pending patents.

Intellectual Property Claims
As one-of the earliest, if not the first, entity dedicated to Social Network Portability, pioneered many of the systems, methods, and techniques now common to online identity indexing, standardizing, searching and porting. Many of the methods first present in’s production systems since August 2006 and covered by claims in USPTO Patent Applications dated January 2007, have began to appear in directly competitive products recently designed by Venture Backed and Publicly Traded companies.

Jonathan details FindMeOn’s own technologies, competitive technologies that overlap with claims in FindMeOn patent filings, and provides extensive footnotes & external references that prove a clear timeline of priority that is decidedly in FindMeOn’s favor.

Possible Improprieties by Competitors
Jonathan details possible improprieties by FindMeOn competitors; Example:

When LiveJournal Founder Brad Fitzpatrick released his “Social Network Manifesto” in August 2007, FindMeOn reached out to Mr. Fitzpatrick regarding commonalities and overlaps between his new design and existing systems which FindMeOn both had in production for 1 year, and had filed for USPTO Patent Protections on several months earlier.
• Mr. Fitzpatrick never responded to FindMeOn’s outreach
• Mr. Fitzpatrick soon became a member of the Google group responsible for their OpenSocial initiative
• Public Comments from FindMeOn to Mr. Fitzpatrick suggesting similarities between the two systems were deleted from public view on the LiveJournal System, and Google/Fitzpatrick products became more similar to FindMeOn offerings. A video & screencaptures of the disappearing comment are provided, along with a textual reprint and links to relevant LiveJournal pages and Search-Engine caches.

* UPDATE * – 2008.03.19
Google/Livejournal’s Brad Fitzpatrick and FindMeOn CEO Jonathan Vanasco were finally able to talk.
Mr. Fitzpatrick assured us that any failed responses to communicate were unintentional due to an overload of correspondence, and that the disappearing comment was due to an automated moderation system.

Corporate Mission
Due to increasing market activity, and the proliferation of competitive products that overlap with claims in FindMeOn’s pending Patents, FindMeOn is pursuing an aggressive intellectual property strategy with regards to the licensing and litigation of expected Patent Protections. FindMeOn hopes to utilize its impressive portfolio of technologies, patent applications and experience on behalf of startups everywhere that have been ‘muscled out’ by larger firms.

The company also is eager to resume development of its consumer internet and institutional applications that service the non-profit and progressive sectors, and bring added value to online networks and advertisers everywhere.

The posting in its entirety is accessible via:

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