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What People Are Saying…

Everybody needs a Squiggly in their life! Someone who is unique, different, and uses what God has given them to make a difference in their world. Your kids will love discovering how Squiggly’s adventure changed they world, and you will love sharing with them that they to can be a Squiggly!

Tom Ziglar: CEO of Ziglar and Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

The lessons in this book apply to children, parents, and grandparents everywhere. If you want to equip your child to identify their gifting, grow if their strengths, and live out their God given purpose, then Squiggly’s Race to the Ark is the place to start.

Jonathan Sprinkles: TV Personality, Author, National Speaker of the Year

Squiggly’s Race to the Ark offers a a unique way of sharing the remarkable story of God’s love through a child’s eyes. Fairytales are fun, but Bible stories are better. Which do you prefer to have your child boasting of to family and friends? I know my answer!

Denai Vaughn: Wife, mother, entrepreneur, and founder of ExcellenceWorx Radio

Tim’s new book “Squiggly’s Race to the Ark” is a gift to parents and grandparents all over the world. A fresh reminder that every child is a treasure chest filled with amazing gifts & talents. This heartwarming story reminds each of us that it’s our uniqueness that sets us apart and makes us who we really are!

Bob Beaudine: Best selling author, The Power of WHO

The tale about a snail that never gets stale! Squiggly’s Race to the Ark is the new nightly bed-time story for children! A quick, fun read for the whole family with a point to remember!

Michael Maher: National best selling author

I read it all in one sitting! :) Couldn’t put it down! This is a great message of how we have all been uniquely created to do our part to make the world and better place. You are accomplishing that through Squiggly!

Scott Schilling: International speaker, author, and inspiration leader

Author Tim Davis has written a marvelous book that will inspire your children in a powerful way. The pictures and the writing style will connect with your child, unlock their dreams, and help them to find their God-given purpose. I recommend this book for every family, Sunday School, doctor’s office and public library. Be sure and get it!

Pastor Thomas McDaniels